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The Beginning

Antonio Rosolino has been a restaurateur for generations. He was born from Angelo Rosolino, world-renowed bartender, who has managed the most popular restaurants and clubs all over Europe, such as, for example, THE SHAKER. Angelo Rosolino was also an appreciated talent scout: he discovered some of the most popular singers of the Sixties in Italy (Peppino di Capri, Fred Bongusto, Peppino Gagliardi, I Giganti, etc.).

Some years after, Antonio moves to Venice, where he spends three seasons working at the Excelsior Hotel, into the Lido di Venezia. At the time the Hotel was managed by Mr. Zucchi, and there Antonio has the opportunity to meet with customers such as Rubenstein, Hopenheimer, Rizzoli, L. Agakan, business magnates and sovereings from all over the world, as much as movie producers, directors, actors and actresses (Loren, Cardinale, Lollobrigida, Mansfield, Bardot, Mastroianni, Eddie Constantin, Belmondo and many others). Afterwards, at the age of 19 he becomes manager of the Grand Hotel Du Parc, and then, after military service, he opens the LLOYD CLUB in Naples, that within a few years becomes one of the best night clubs of Italy.

Golden Age

During Versilia’s Golden Age he is in Forte dei Marmi, where he manages the Oliviero restaurant, one of the smartest restaurants of Europe. This restaurant has such customers as: Montanid, Greco, Henry Salvador, Walter Chiari, Gino Bramieri, Patti Pravo, Peppino Di Capri, Fred Bongusto, Enrico Montesano, Pippo Franco, Renato Zero, just to quote some.

Some times after Antonio comes back to Naples to manage his family’s club, the ANTHONY CLUB, that had opened some years before, and where attractions from all over Europe, especially from Paris (OPERA, LIDO, MOULIN ROUGE) performed.


In 1985 the club is renovated by one of the most popular architects of that time, Adolfo Avena. Following the suggestions coming from Antonio and his wife Raffaella, Mr. Avena makes a multifunction place built on two floors, with a plain and a little deco’ style. This is the ROSOLINO, a 350-seat place with the most advanced equipments available, where what you can do is: eating excellently, making meetings and parties, watching the performances of the best Italian and foreign artist, enjoying the company of Neapolitan bourgeoisie, politicians and businessmen.

Soon afterwards it becomes clear the need of satisfying a clientele that was becoming wider and wider. It’s for this reason that, next to the ROSOLINO, arises IL POSTO ACCANTO, (open both at lunchtime and at dinnertime, provided with 150 seats in addition to external space). Here you can taste the best dishes of Neapolitan and Italian culinary tradition, pizza included...
Regardless of the informal atmosphere, you’ll be wrapped in warm lights and soft colours, so to spend a lovely night on Santa Lucia seaside, illuminated by the magic of a candlelight.


The Restaurants




Dinners with shows starting from 9.00 p.m.

Il posto accanto

Open from 12.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m.


Open from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 a.m.


Via Nazario Sauro, 2/7 - Napoli



+39 081 7649873 - +39 081 7648600

Il posto accanto

+39 081 7649873 - +39 081 7648600


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